Hello Ghost

This my mandatory mundane hello world post.

It's written from a local Ghost instance, gutted with Buster and hosted on GitHub... how very hipster!

The general idea was to get something online, seeing as my old Drupal blog has been offline for 2 or maybe 3 years now... (who's really counting?)

Maintaining a Drupal site and a VPS was a hassle I no longer cared for so that was that. I also tried going full-Jekyll but that a bit too laborious... so that's how we ended up with Ghost + Buster. (The details of how it worked out probably merit their own post)

As for the old content, it's ok that vanished into a little black hole in the interwebs, it'll be like it never happened... instead, we're starting fresh and with 100% more gremlin references.

So that's that cherry popped, less mundane posts coming up next. Bye now.

Alex Weber

Mr. gremlin.